There is help for Hypothyroidism

The doctors at IntegrativeHealth have developed a series of apps and other resources to help you manage your hypothyroidism. You have waited long enough to feel better, improve your energy level and have a better understanding to your thyroid health.

Thyroid Quiz

The Thyroid Quiz will let you know whether or not your current symptoms may be related to thyroid disease.  This is applicable both to those with existing thyroid disease who are on treatment and those who suspect thyroid disease.

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The HypoThyroidApp will help you understand how your medicine’s dosage, lab values and symptoms interact with each other to create your overall sense of wellbeing. By understanding how they work together,  you will get maximal benefits of your thyroid replacement and feel your best.

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HypoThyroidApp PRO

The optional Hypothyroid Pro will take advanced thyroid patients and doctors through the management of symptoms or abnormal lab values.  It provides more tools to manage your health.

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